Over the last few years ZENITH DRIVER TRAINING was a trading name for a driver training company owned and operated by Vision Travel Mini buses Ltd. ZENITH DRIVER TRAINING was based in Hampshire, and operating from a site on HMS Deadalus air field in Lee on Solent, the original company was established more than twenty years ago. Over it's time ZENITH DRIVER TRAINING established a well proven track record in providing high quality driver training for operators of large and specialist vehicles in all categories.


The parent company Vision Travel Mini Buses Ltd has now ceased trading, and the ownership of this website has been re-covered by 1st Media Web Services per terms and conditions of our contract. The website itself carries a substantial amount of useful information, and the decision has been made to leave it as a functional site.

This website has no affiliation or connection with any companies or organizations that have been established during or since Zenith Driver Training has ceased trading or that bear similar names, unfortunately we can not help you with any enquiry regarding Zenith Driver Training or it's previous parent company.